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Apron Style Sundress

I first saw this sundress on a couple of ladies in a pub where we were having dinner.
I thought, that is too cute for words, my girls need them.

I modified the style, adding co-ordinating piping, pleats and extra cute heart shape buttons.

I had made them in the larger sizes, these fit the tiny girls!
I love them, I hope you do to.

It can be worn on its own or with a T or jeans/leggings underneath if the weather is a little chilly.
In naive prints these dresses suit best the girls that like to feel a little 'pretty' every now and again.

Made from cotton.

Turquoise - Sold Out.

Pink Floral

Antique Rose

Antique Blue

Blue Leaves

Colours may vary slightly from those pictured, my scanner didn't seem to like the fabric.
I am more than happy to send you photos of your actual dress before postage.
If you are unhappy with the look after arrival a full refund is available with the return of the dress.

Tiny Dress:
$10 each.
($2 Shipping from Australia will be added to the price.)

28cm Girl Dress:
$15 each.
World Wide Shipping included.